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Happiness.... Where Can It Be Found?

There’s a well-known story of a wealthy and exceedingly wise king who reported his findings about happiness at the end of his life. King Solomon had enjoyed extraordinary human success. He experienced all of life’s pleasures. But in the end, he unraveled a great mystery.

Solomon noted how so many good people suffer while wicked people escape punishment for their wickedness and get ahead. There are many injustices in the world. And no matter how righteous a person tried to live, he, too, would end up in the grave next to every other person regardless of how they lived their life.

King Solomon discovered a person could put forth a tremendous effort to do all the right things in building a good life, but something unforeseen can happen and take it all. After experimenting down every pathway to enjoy happiness, Solomon discovered the real source and meaning in life. It’s to fear God and keep His commandments at the center of this life God has given us. This is the duty of all. (based on Ecclesiastes 12:13)

As Pastor Tom Pennington puts it, “In New Testament terms, to fear God means to hear His Son and to accept His Son as Lord and Savior. Fear God, keep his commandments, enjoy the gift, but live under the eye, and for the sake of, the giver.”

Be sure to listen to this insightful teaching on Ecclesiastes taught by Tom Pennington. You won’t be disappointed in this 1-hour investment of your time.


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